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This is how it works

Spelpaus.se is a free service offered by the Swedish Gambling Authority. Self-exclusion applies to all gambling that has to be registered by the gambling companies licensed to run real-money gambling in Sweden.

Self-exclusion covers all gambling companies

Self-exclusion via Spelpaus.se covers all gambling companies licensed in Sweden. It is not possible to exclude yourself from only a certain form of gambling or a certain gambling company.

Self-exclusion covers these forms of gambling:

  • online casinos and online gambling machines,
  • online betting,
  • online bingo,
  • online lotteries,
  • token-gambling machines (so-called Vegas),
  • Casino Cosmopol.
  • gambling via gambling agents in shops and at racecourses (and similar).

Self-exclusion periods

You can choose to exclude yourself for 1, 3 or 6 months or until you decide otherwise. A self-exclusion for 1, 3 or 6 months ends automatically at the end of the self-exclusion period. If you choose to exclude yourself until you decide otherwise, you cannot end your self-exclusion until 12 months have passed. Your self-exclusion then continues until you decide otherwise. You cannot cancel or end an ongoing self-exclusion. However, you can extend it.

Confirm with e-identification

You confirm your self-exclusion with your e-identification.

Log out from all gambling

For your self-exclusion to be effective everywhere, you must log out from the gambling websites and apps you use. One tip is to clear the cookies from your browser. This automatically logs you out from all websites.

A self-exclusion cannot be cancelled

You cannot cancel or end a self-exclusion before the date you choose.

Extend an ongoing self-exclusion

If you want to extend a self-exclusion, you can do this at any time in an ongoing self-exclusion. The new period is then added at the end of your ongoing self-exclusion. If you have chosen to extend a self-exclusion, the extra period cannot be cancelled or ended. You can only have one extension at a time.

The gambling companies have to cross-check Spelpaus.se

A gambling company licensed in Sweden has to cross-check with Spelpaus.se every time you try to register with or log in to that gambling company.

The gambling companies have to cross-check Spelpaus.se before they send you any marketing. This is because they must not send marketing or advertising directly to a self-excluded person.